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Rikki-Tikki-Tavi   #rikkitheabi #caturday Hope your Saturday is nice!

Scrappy and Lev

Aren’t they cute? When I first met my boyfriend and learned he had a small lap dog, I thought they would never get along. So glad I was wrong. Lev, who has never liked another dog right off was as in love as I was. I really think he knew this was it. I had … Continue reading

My Burning Man adventure

Boyfriend and I survived Burning Man 2017. After  many years of wanting to go, years of attending regional events and Decompression parties, the dream finally became a reality. We’ve been back in the real world for a couple weeks now but I just got my disposable cameras developed. I brought four 27 exposure cameras and … Continue reading


Hello, I am here, have not made a wordpress post in two years. Writing on the computer is difficult and not natural to me. I write with pen and paper. I was about to write in my journal and found I was thinking the same thoughts as my previous entry. So I decided to publish … Continue reading

Dance, dance, stitch, measure, work on the beer belly, measure again

  It’s Tuesday and I am just barely removing the bright red nail polish off my fingers, still riding high from my weekend. I truly lived my wildest dream and succeeded in dancing for a crowd. Dream, goal, and fear all rolled into one. I’ve felt ridiculously relieved and accomplished since then. I received many … Continue reading

Falling Back

Alright we fell back in time for those of us still practicing Daylight Savings time. I did feel a little bit of a time warp but I was up all night dancing and drinking.  If you pay attention to the Moon and the Sun you won’t get out of wack when the clock doesn’t make … Continue reading

Quarantined at home with Shingles!

This is me today       How the hell does a healthy 35 year old get Shingles?  Last week I noticed a bump on my head, right in the hairline. I also had a nasty ear ache, but assumed it was from me going swimming for the first time this summer. My throat hurt … Continue reading

Salty Pool. 18 or older.

As promised I am sharing our pictures from the regional Burn that was held here on the Salty Desert Flats of Utah two Full Moons ago: Mind you, I am not the photographer of these photos. Who knows who is? This is just a handful of the waterproof disposable cameras that I collected and developed … Continue reading

I am what I eat

I wrote down everything I have ate since the New Year started. I wanted a little insight and direction into what makes me so constipated, and basically feel like shit. Doing this in the middle of winter when the backyard garden is covered in snow, and exercise is minimal. I see me eating a lot … Continue reading

And so they meet

My teenage niece that lives in the basement was granted her wish of a kitten. We adopted her from the super pet adoption event sometime last October. The kitty was ten weeks old and the last of her sibling to be picked up. She was playing all by her self. My niece is an only … Continue reading