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My Burning Man adventure

Boyfriend and I survived Burning Man 2017. After  many years of wanting to go, years of attending regional events and Decompression parties, the dream finally became a reality. We’ve been back in the real world for a couple weeks now but I just got my disposable cameras developed. I brought four 27 exposure cameras and most of them turned out like this.




Dusty!  I was glad I did not bring my cell phone out  there like most did. So the pictures were a little blurry. An unusually hot year, this was the only major dust storm.  We rode our bikes through the meat of it, it was like a white out in the snow.

We arrived at Black Rock City just after Sunset, after a few hours in line I lost my orientation of North East West or South. We found where we thought our camp was, but it was late and dark so we just pulled out our lawn chairs and had a restless snooze til the sun came up.


In a completely different spot than I imagined! We were early arrivals and in good spirits and if you can see perfectly located near ice and port-o-potties. My boyfriend is standing right where our camps’ bar would be set up.

It is true plans don’t go as planned at Burning Man. But you really get what you put into it. I think we over prepared and over packed but we had everything we needed. We had our shade put up over the camper van before the hot of the day and were welcomed to our theme camp with open arms and yummy coffee and breakfast. I did not know beforehand the people we were camping with but they were so nice and I felt like we were well matched even with 20 other people yet to arrive.

I was worried I wouldn’t hear anything but electronic music and see nothing but skinny fake hippies but it wasn’t like that at all. Nothing you read or see after the event is what it is actually like, you really can’t describe it until you go for yourself. And I would definately go again. We spent 9 days there and it wasn’t enough! Its the kind of world we all should live in. Kindness, fun, freedom, expression, art costumes, I didn’t need money and I heard the very best music coming from all directions.

We volunteered for Black Rock City and had shifts the first four or five days we were there that was fun but definately took an effort to be sober and on time and serious.




At first the playa was hard  land but through the week it became loose  dust and hard to navigate on bike. I had TWO flat tires! Luckily there were bike repair camps all around. They were busy. I saw I was not the only one with that problem. Walking was difficult from so far away, I was a hot sweaty mess. The second flat tire I got was when boyfriend and I were trying to find Elvis’s chapel so we could get hitched! We both brought a costume and I brought a bouquet but it just didn’t work out. We had to start walking in order to make it back on foot. If it wasn’t for all the volunteer shifts I wouldn’t have left our camps bar at all, but I did get to see a lot of the city!  The next time we tried to find a wedding camp, boyfriend got royally sick! Didn’t last long but still we planned to find a place to tie the knot before we left. When we were loading up camp, I crushed my left ring finger. And it is still BLACK. So yeah we came back in love and that is all I can ask for. I knew it was going to be a make or break trip for us and we survived intact if not more in love. Seriously he brought a portable potty for me and emptied it and all. Swoon.



It was hot during the day but perfect at night. We were riding on an art car here that was based near our camp. We could walk faster than it drove but it had a dj on it! all the best music came from the art cars.

P.S. It’s now April and we are talking about going again this summer. This post has been sitting in my drafts for awhile. Figure I should get it out there.

Thanks for reading.











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