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I am here, have not made a wordpress post in two years. Writing on the computer is difficult and not natural to me. I write with pen and paper. I was about to write in my journal and found I was thinking the same thoughts as my previous entry. So I decided to publish my journal post because people do.

I hope everyone has got their affairs in order.

It’s hard to be angry and march for injustices!

When there are always injustices!

A dog friend of mine passed away today, I was going to squeeze out a tear but I think about all the injustices. And how fortunate I feel.

When the traumas are happening to me too. The happiest girl I know.

Having the best year of my life.

You feel guilty in this time of political unrest. We heard of Brazil’s president getting ousted.

Duerte being all rogue and looney.

Then we care when it is here?

Unrest only now when we are ignoring the original owners of the land.

A happy fulfilled woman with no degree and no riches no health insurance. Too many marches. Too many causes.

I don’t trust anybody in charge.

I want to see a lawmaker that uses public transit, has to get a second job, has to go without healthcare, the social media is out of control.

Everyone is an author. A handle and a story. Hit publish. Who is making money?

The two dogs are giving me the tiniest slice of bed.

I was 178 on the scale today.

Pushing numbers I’ve never seen!

Too bad I feel so beautiful.

I think being in love suits me!

I feel beautiful.

And if I didn’t ever get on Twitter I wouldn’t ever have worry wrinkles.

-End  Entry. I am not the only one that talks/writes/thinks to their self like this, right? I even kept the punctuation like it was written. Anyway on an ending note, don’t think that if we stop being angry and marching things will change. I am all about a peaceful revolution! Lead by women!

Promote what you love my dear! Peace.


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