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Salty Pool. 18 or older.

As promised I am sharing our pictures from the regional Burn that was held here on the Salty Desert Flats of Utah two Full Moons ago:

Mind you, I am not the photographer of these photos. Who knows who is?

This is just a handful of the waterproof disposable cameras that I collected and developed after the July event. My favorite themed camp; Wardrobe MalFUNKtion is to thank for the cameras given out FREE with “100% off every purchase”. Surely someone even before Wardrobe MalFUNKtion is to really thank, the costume tent was ran purely off donations. Bring a piece, leave with a piece.  A constant state of recycling clothing, props, wigs, props,and accessories like a disposable camera. Boxes and boxes of them.

Scattered around the place like somebody’s 1990s’ wedding. Most likely that many years expired.

Would really like to see more pictures from the event turn up. But I saw a lot of broken blue wheel pieces such that turn the one time reel of film on the Salty Playa, so I knew my chances were slim to see the film exposed. The young ones did not know how to work the camera by putting it up to their eye and clicking. Nevermind focusing.

Here is the flickr link:


There you go. Fun times, happy faces. Read on if you would like to read further my account of the weekend.



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