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I am what I eat

I wrote down everything I have ate since the New Year started. I wanted a little insight and direction into what makes me so constipated, and basically feel like shit. Doing this in the middle of winter when the backyard garden is covered in snow, and exercise is minimal. I see me eating a lot of garbage. I won’t claim to be a health guru of any sort. I refuse to follow any type of diet. I eat whatever I want. I feel like I have a good balance though, what do you think? How would you compare?
Here it goes.
New Year- New Moon. I ate massive amounts of Chinese food, mostly vegetarian, drank beer, went to yoga, shit good.
The 2nd: I ate peanut butter and honey sandwich, nectarine, banana, leftover Chinese food, went to yoga, shit good.

The 3rd: I had cold cereal, more leftovers, cream of wheat with cranberries and honey. One 12 oz. beer. No working out. Shit one good one.
They screwed up my to go order on New Year’s Day. Gave me too much (went broke!) that is why on the 4th I was still taking the last of the Chinese food to work. The pork in the egg rolls is the only meat so far this year. No chocolate or sweets so far. Oh Baked Lays, a tangerine, triple decker peanut butter and honey, leftover home made baked mac n’cheese. A few PBR’s, sunchips, cup of wine, lentil Indian leftovers.
You see my older sister (the one I don’t live with), brings us her families’ home cooked leftovers often. Fantastic!

The 5th: I had a tangerine, I made a garlic burger with mayo and cheese, chicken nuggets with baby girl, diluted boxed wine still from Solstice Party. I AM THE QUEEN OF LEFTOVERS!
Natalia better not bring me pizza tonight.

The 6th: And bring me pizza she did. I had a veggie slice and a few beers with her. The next morning I had the runs after coffee. I made egg, cheese, and onion burritos plus one for tonight at work, though I am sure I will have more pizza too. Need to grocery shop. I am on the poor side. I have a turkey thawing in the fridge. I wouldn’t buy a turkey or normally cook one on my own, but it was a gift from a colleague. I am not a big meat eater but I saw this recipe of a turkey wrapped in bacon. So I did that and surrounded it in fresh carrots (I dug up myself) and potatoes. I ate a piece of it when it came out of the oven it was good but you know who ate the rest? My dog. I garnished his boring food with turkey for a week or more. Lucky dog.

The 7th: I had cream of wheat with honey, a Trio bar (So good! 3 seeds, 3 fruits, 3 nuts!), banana. Jessi brought crackers and fresh cheese she had made with local goat milk. Nice! Don’t think I shit. Stretched and did leg lifts.
The 8th: coffee, waffle out of the toaster, tall boy blessed beer. headache.
The 9th: I ate Trio bar, banana, coffee, pb and honey sandwich on wheat. A lunchable at lunch, leftover pizza and good beer. Shit good.

The 10th: I almost bought something greasy like the mozzarella sticks I have been dreaming of but I left my wallet at work. I think its half moon. Can’t shit. Busy at work. Been spacey and constipated. Two turkey sandwiches on wheat relish and mayo. Pb and honey sandwich, pepper jelly (last summers’garden peppers!) (Read my garden of Edison section if you want to)

The 11th: I was able to shit at work and later in the day too. I had fish for lunch. The fish was breaded and microwaved by me but otherwise home made and local. PB and jelly sandwich. When I got home I had tons of beer and potstickers.

The 12th Water, vitamins, ibuprofen, with a hangover. Had that greasy burger with fried onion rings and zucchini sticks, and a coke! I had that shitty food when I already felt like shit but I made it to my dance classes and later on that night I was invited to the Krishna Temple where I had the most amazing vegetarian feast where all at once I was healed, cured, felt better. Whatever. Beer when I got home.

The 13th: Best shit ever soon as I woke up. Before beer, smoke, or coffee.
Had a cheese bagel in the toaster with plain cream cheese. Made some egg and cheese burritos for the rest of the day. My neighbors decided to go vegan and I just don’t know if I could give up cheese!
Craving something greasy for dinner. Feeling curvy just before Full Moon.
The 13th I am eating a gas station hot and spicy soup and a taquito. I wanted drive through goodness but I refrained. Not just for my gut but for not idling in a drive-thru on a beautiful bright clean air day.
The 14th: I had a banana for breakfast and 4 or 5 beers during the day while I was helping my friend with a remodeling project in her basement. By the time I picked the kid up from school at 3 p.m. I was starving and about to go mental. Funny how beer calories don’t fill you up like you need. We got grilled cheese sandwiches and fries in a drive-thru and later on that night I split a greasy cheeseburger with my sister and more good beer. Bloated belly but with the full moon I think it is my uterus and not my stomach.

The 15th: Woke up not just bloated but down right fat. Will cook at home tonight. Gnocchi, mushrooms, garlic bread. Damn it I love cheese!
I had a frozen waffle with pb and jelly. Took a liquid shit. Think we are waning now. Phew.
I saw a picture on my social media of a group of aliens sitting around a table getting ready to feast with a man laid out on the table with an apple in his mouth. The aliens were each expressing an opinion that individually made it excusable like “It’s ok he was raised humane” and such and I was thinking to myself that I am ready to be tied up and roasted over a spit. Disemboweled probably. I am ready. I hope I taste good.
The 16th: I had leftover gnocchi and garlic bread at work along with a caesar salad. No meat. Pot stickers and ice cream bar for dinner. A salad and a beer late night. Feel like shit. Smoked and didn’t work out.
The 17th: I knew I had to shit right when I woke up but went through my 12 hour shift with really smelly toots until I could get home and shit proper. Two fried eggs on a bagel in the morn along with a pb and jelly on wheat. Greasy cheeseburger and small fry because I was nominated at work to go on the food run. Beer when I got home with forseeable munchies in the near future. Will bring something decent to work tomorrow.
The 18th and 19th I rocked the bagel egg sandwiches, an orange, trio bar, bagel bites the kind you get out of the freezer and bake… maybe make a cake for baby girls’ 15th birthday. Oh I had a wheel of brie. We baked it with honey and garlic. My hell I couldn’t stop!

The 20th and 21st pretty sure I had beer in my stomach before any sort of food. Love my days off. Had rice and chicken curry leftovers plus naan. In the slow cooker I threw in browned sausage, a can of green beans and stewed tomatoes. I left it on overnight and all those things that didn’t need to be cooked, cooked themselves flavorless! A handful of carrots and peas plus chips and salsa at staff meeting. A couple birthday cupcakes and a few beers.
Didn’t eat anything til lunch where I broiled mushrooms, garlic, and parmesan cheese on home made bread. It was too garlicky. I had the usual hot soup and taquito from the gas station that night.

The 23rd: Two pb and honey sandwiches. Boy I don’t eat enough greens do I? I had the crock pot stew for lunch along with a bag of chips out of work vending machine. I have been rocking the iced coffee at work. I figure my coffee is cold anyway by the time I get to it. So I am filling a large cup with ice and then just dumping made coffee in it. So good. You gotta drink both anyway right?
The 24th greasy drive thru burger, pb and honey on wheat, eggs and mushrooms on a bagel.

The 26th I made the most amazing grilled sandwich to date, tons of sauteed mushrooms and pepper jack cheese. Later on I wanted something good but filled my belly with tea and cream of wheat and went to bed. Woke up and went to bikram yoga. Yeah my tea water may be microwaved but at least I drink tea. You don’t see me listing soda among these foods do you? Made really good french toast. Eggs are organic.
The 27th was trying to get my neighbor to go eat bar food with me she didn’t want to. She said, “maybe tomorrow” So in preparation I ate just what I had at home today. Delicious grilled tuna sandwich with mushrooms, spinach, pepper jack. Chicken and rice leftovers and a small apple. Green tea. And we didn’t end up going to the bar.

On the 28th I had a smoke, a beer, and a poo then went down for a nap. Don’t hate. I am a happy girl! No food til Ang makes a tortilla wrap with bacon and spinach and cheese. We had something similar for dinner and also ice cream shakes drive-thru style on the way home from school.

On the 29th: I woke up with a kink in my neck. Just before new moon. Second of the month. I feel chubby and pretty. Can’t remember what I ate but I have been looking up green smoothie recipes.
On the 30th: The usual home made bagel egg grilled goodness. Went around running errands and though it was lunch time stayed away from the drive thrus.

The next 30 day challenge maybe I will do just smoothies, or else chew my food like I never have before. And stay away from Super Bowl like junk food. I had what I imagined to be a gall bladder attack a few Super Bowls ago. Haven’t had anything like that in awhile. I am sure I forgot to write some things down. Next month will be different. More tuna, spinach, what else?

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