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Lev my Love

And so they meet

Not exactly friends yet but they are not separated anymore

Not exactly friends yet but they are not separated anymore

My teenage niece that lives in the basement was granted her wish of a kitten. We adopted her from the super pet adoption event sometime last October. The kitty was ten weeks old and the last of her sibling to be picked up. She was playing all by her self. My niece is an only child and I’m glad she has a little buddy now. I consider Lev, my good friend not just something I have to take care of. Its like that with pets isn’t it?
He knew right off that there was something (new) living in the basement. They smelled each other through the door we’ve kept closed. I have never considered myself a cat person but she is a little sweetheart. Her name is “Cookie”. I told Liz she should not name her after something we eat. But now Lev gets excited when you say cookie or even kitty.
She is real brave and now is free to walk upstairs and strut with her tail up and dangle it in front of Lev’s nose. She has no fear of him. He looks real mean but she knows what her claws are for.
Her being so small and him a behemoth, there are plenty of places for her to crawl under for safety. Like my bed and where I store my plates in the picture above. Last post I made I said it would do him good to learn how to be around little delicate things. And so far it is working.
It was Christmas actually when the transition happened. Everyone was out of the house except for the pets and I. Cookie was downstairs crying and lonely so I let her come up and kind of let her just explore. I could see in her eyes that she was placing the noises she had been hearing for months now downstairs with what was happening upstairs. She is a peaceful kitty but feisty when necessary. We three laid down for a nap and I had the dog on one side the cat on the other. And we all napped. Success!
Now they are not exactly to the point where they are cuddling with each other but I have a feeling it will come.


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