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So what if you and your playmate have a 92 pound difference in weight

I took Lev in for his yearly vaccinations last week. One year post neutering, I was convinced he had broken the 100 pound mark.

Nope, 94 pounds. Losing his  nuts has made him softer in the fur and the muscle tone. But the aggression with other dogs is still the same. He will bark like mad if another dog walks past. And I still haven’t taken him to the dog parks at all.

The vet said he was not too fat, but that anything more would be. He does not eat too much, but him and I both err on the side of lazy. We had an adventure last weekend. Some friends and I went up to another friends’ cabin in the mountains. Lev had been there before, he knew the trails. He was happy as a pig in mud. Ran around and played and played. Almost got beaned in the head by a thrown horseshoe, stepped in cow shit, basically galloped around like a pony. Muddied everything.  Got spoiled by one of my fellow campers whom I caught sharing raw beef with him as she was preparing a stew!

When he is the only dog around he is happy.

He has a hard time with sharing. So spoiled. He gets better, he plays well with cousin,Missy girl, and I thought that would never happen.

I have promised my niece who lives in my basement a cat. I am worried. Very worried.

He will be better for it if he knows how to be around little delicate things.

A neighbor friend came over a few nights ago with a guy who had a two pound chihuahua puppy. It wasn’t even his, he was dog sitting. After the guy realized Lev did not want to eat him but the morsel of puppy in his arms. They entered and trouble ensued. GOD!  Bad, bad, bad idea. I couldn’t keep them separated. The little one had to continually be held. Pretty sure Lev thought it was a mouse or something, not a dog. (Would it be better or worse?)

Everyone is throwing in their opinion. Do this, do that! “Put ’em down!”, “let them play”, “they’ll figure it out, just let them smell!”  Once or twice Lev picked up the little one and ran around with it in his mouth while the thing (we too) yipped hysterically. I really don’t think he hurt or would kill the dog but how do I know for sure? He has been an only dog for three years now.

Everything turned out fine, we all took turns holding the little one while Lev patiently begged for a turn. It is stupid that I have to worry about other people bringing dogs when I have a get together.

Lev has play dates often, I am still hesitant about a new permanent addition. He is kind of up tight around others. Like me he is more comfortable alone.

But him and I comfortable alone together.


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2 thoughts on “So what if you and your playmate have a 92 pound difference in weight

  1. Have you ever tried a dog socialization/obedience class? I was skeptical but found it was good for both of us both times I or my husband have gone through it with our favorite “larger friends” over the years.

    Posted by Kat at travelgardeneat | September 30, 2013, 6:48 pm

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