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Dog days in full swing



He cowers behind my leg. But my three year old Boxer, having been raised on this street, is not afraid of fireworks. He is not yapping like the traumatized dogs across the street. They should know better they have been on this street as long as Lev.

I’m not doing anything to celebrate Independence Day but there are festivities all around. Three nights of fireworks in a row at the ball stadium just blocks from me.
Triple digits for a week straight in SLC. I am faring O.K. But Lev on the other hand, constantly panting, banned from his favorite activity of riding in the car. Stuck in the shade.

Next door neighbors have company over plus some extra dogs. Great.
Then my sister, on her way out of town to go camping with her family, drops their dog Missy off at my place. Some food and her crate. Its going to be a long weekend. Missy and Lev love to have play dates.
Lev not used to having a friend to constantly play with, gets worked up into overdrive. Play play play. I don’t think Missy is used to not having central air. They are laying at my feet now but they should be sectioned off in the cool basement. I can see they know its hot and they don’t want to exert too much energy. Funny how I “plan” to stay home and do nothing and ultimately can’t avoid disrupting the routine. Having to take a holiday anyway.

This week my four year anniversary of owning this house. I have settled nicely. When I go toasting a beer here in a little bit. It will be my feeling of freedom and independence that owning my own home has brought. I was just looking through some papers, organizing and filing. On my homeowner folder from First American Title is a picture of an American flag. That is enough patriotism for me.
Have a nice happy hopefully longer than usual weekend.


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