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House Rules

Is it obnoxious and overbearing if I post a set of rules on how to interact with my dog? Am I being too overprotective if I don’t let him just play and learn new people? My boxer boy just shy of 3 years. Pushing 100 pounds now after his neutering a few months ago. A combination of the hormones and the winter has left Lev and I chunky! The problem is he is not to be played with lightly. We have already had mishaps.
I believe I have sufficient control over him as do the other members in the house, but when neighbors and friends come for a visit they yell strange commands and play rough with him. I’ve never said anything thus far so is it too late to establish the rules? For example Melanie was over last night and we were sitting in the living room talking and Lev is budging in like play with me like any three year old would do, human or pet. And she had his tennis ball and she made him sit then threw the ball straight up in the air, he leapt and contorted his body and landed ungracefully unable to get traction on my wood floors. I was horrified! I said “I really don’t want him to play like that”. God I am better at talking to dogs then I am with people. The girls and I don’t ever play rough or tease him like that. Maybe I am making him into a sissy. Regardless, I was having a neighborhood fire in the backyard the other night, And everyone was trying to make him fetch. Come on! Theres a damn fire in the middle of the yard and its dark and muddy! Not to mention craters and ice caps still!
Another annoying example I have a crazy cat lady neighbor ( My neighbors are crazy!) This is the neighbor that claims to love pets more than humans and wishes she could give birth to a litter of kittens,anyway her idea of loving is relentlessly spoiling her pets. And feeding them cheeseburgers in bed. This is how she “loves” them. She has a treat (hers) and the dogs; Lev and his brother Guts, are begging and she says “No!” “No!” Then points away. After a few unsuccessful No’s she gives them both a bite. And this is where trouble lies.
It’s not that I want to tell people what to say, do, or act. Though I think a disclaimer would be a nice touch. Something along the lines of interact at your own risk.
Its like me trying to give parenting advice though I am not a parent. No one can say anything or say I am doing it wrong. He knows what No means coming from me. Even someone who has a dog should respect my wishes and not play rough. And no tug-of-war! Why does everytime a guy come over they feel the need to battle over who is strongest. Man, rope, or dog. The boxer jaws will win every time. Ideally I just want people to ignore him. Is that so bad? I started this out thinking I was overbearing now I think I am just petty.


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2 thoughts on “House Rules

  1. It’s your dog – your house – your rules! You go, girl. Keeping your dog safe and your visitors safe is paramount. So, go ahead and tell them!

    Posted by Snoring Dog Studio | March 7, 2013, 1:04 pm
  2. amber, as another “large dog” owner, I have had to be quite firm with some rules also — including roughhousing-type play which sends mixed messages as they particularly when younger do not always know the appropriate line between play and hurt (due to their not appreciating their own strength). I also would not want someone encouraging them to jump up and fall ungracefully, potentially injuring them as they fell (not to mention playing ball in the house with a large dog always ends in disaster :-)). It is good for Lev to learn how to socialize properly with guests, though, and that means nicely taking attention but then leaving people alone rather than pushing himself into the middle of them wanting to play (so says I who has had a 100 pound black lab chin resting on the dining room table looking hopefully at a guest for a treat during dinner — sheesh — we don’t even feed them “people food”, he must have thought our guest was a pushover!) Good luck, Mom 🙂

    Posted by Kat at travelgardeneat | April 9, 2013, 1:18 pm

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