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Lev my Love

How I got him

I don’t regularly send out Christmas cards. I am not that festive, or religious, or whatever it takes. Though I am this year. I had a picture of Lev done up with a photo touched bow around his neck with a blue background complete with snowflakes and a paw print inside. I ordered about 30 cards.
When addressing the cards I included my old neighbor whom I took Lev from. I call him my baby daddy but don’t think that guy and I were ever romantic or even close to raising a pet together. He expressed disappointment  to me when I neutered Lev and I just kind of balked like “Man, You will never ever have to worry about the daily trials of having this dog.” I didn’t say anything because I told him long ago that it would be ultimately MY decision if and when we got snipped. This is partially the reason I stalled so long. I mean this guy rarely comes around and if he does he is not looking for his old dog. I run into him at the neighborhood bar, and my goal is to keep it cordial.
So either way I hope he takes it as a nice gesture, I just put “thought you might like this pic, I realize your disappointment, Don’t be a stranger blah blah peace and love Happy Holidays”
I said to my sister last night. “See. Aren’t I a good ex baby mama?”
She says, “Yeah, that is why you are not!” “Or maybe why you are?” Oh well, either way it could be both.

In the included photo, this is Leviathin, less than a year old waiting for me to rescue him from his immature, slightly dramatic, first owner. He has always been the star of my camera. Even before my house became his.

My house, his lair

My house, his lair

His lair. Her lair

His lair. Her lair

Home sweet home

Home sweet home



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One thought on “How I got him

  1. He is such a handsome boy — and good for you for being the responsible dog owner and neutering him, despite the naysayers. He will become more manageable, stay healthier as he ages, and you avoid the risk of contributing another row of kennels to your local animal shelter. You know the local fur-ladies must find him quite the catch!

    Posted by Kat at travelgardeneat | April 9, 2013, 1:23 pm

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