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Lev my Love

Birth Control

 I did it!  Got my 90 pound boxer boy neutered! It’s all about prevention baby. Me, I’ve always taken some form of birth control. 15 years ago I wanted to have ten kids. I had stars in my eyes. Now I thank those stars that gave me none. Thank you for the women’s movement before my time that allows women to choose. No politician can take away that now. I choose no and what a personal decision that is. Unwanted pregnancies are something I’ve never had to worry about, as for my dog, I did.   Sometimes I do think of exploring more permanent options for myself. Humans and animals get sterilized everyday. It’s common practice to put a stop to that biological instinct to mate and reproduce. Think of all the people and domestic animals there would be never having the vasectomy or tube tying surgeries. We’d be over run.

In my opinion, both my man and my dog need to be snipped, though I can only bound and throw one of ’em in the car. And that is just what I did. We are now two weeks post op and he has healed very well. I wasn’t hanging on to Lev’s jewels for any particular reason though I think he is much more handsome, stocky, and deep voiced, than his brother that lives across the street. I kinda feel bad he didn’t get any. Luckily there are no obvious females in the mood on my street. Aside from the ladies that live in my house. He doesn’t seem to mind, it’s the bitches in heat that seem to go crazy without it, not the males. He does not even try to mount his brother, though vice versa. Go figure.

Ultimately I want to be able to go for  walks at the dog parks and have friends be able to bring their dogs over. People say it’s going to calm him down but I haven’t noticed anything different yet. I mean he is almost two and half years old! His personality is set  or so I imagine. It’s not like he was a bad dog before. I suppose I waited so long due to the fact that he wasn’t mine to begin with. Two years ago this month he was shivering outside my front door because his idiotic owner not only could not have pets in the rental house but was a complete lush that had strangers going in and out all hours of the day and night that did not know to leave the gate shut.

Its been a year now since I began this blog about my dog who is patiently waiting in the car for me while I finish this post at the County Library. I’m not clever enough to post pictures as of yet. But that is my goal in this second year.  My mom, an artist, digitally painted a picture of Lev with a wreath around his neck for my Christmas cards this year. I am really excited about that. He should be a star. Have a nice Thanksgiving


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