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Book report: The Latchkey Dog

I just finished reading Jodi Andersen’s book The latchkey dog. She coined the perfect phrase for the dependents in this day in age, be it your your pets or your kids. I read tons of these books on how to train dogs and I realize that your pet will be what you make it to be. For example, I don’t have a problem with Lev begging for food at meal time. He knows to wait ’til I am done, then he may get my scraps in his bowl. I had some neighbor friends tell me this is highly annoying. In the book Jodi talks about the importance of meal time and not letting your dog think that he is providing the food for himself, but that you are. Its about being the one that makes the rules. Really not letting your emotion get in the way of the routine you had pre-dog. Whoa boy, Am I doing it all wrong. Remember I said I wasn’t any good at disciplining? To me he is a good dog and only getting better. Reading the book made me realize I indeed make a lot of excuses for his behavior. At two years and two months, I think I’m ready to get his nuts snipped and start training in earnest. I know he as well as I, would benefit from being more social around the neighborhood and in dog parks. I know that its my fears of taking him through the neighborhood that confines us to the home rather than his behavior.

 I want what I want and for the most part I have it. I do desire more strict rules around my house when I am not around. Would it be very obsessive of me to actually post rules where guests and housemates can see? Like making him sit before feeding him, no tug of war games, ( I learned that from the book too, he will dominate every time.) etc. Yes, one day I do want a man in my bed instead of Lev. Jodi’s book tells how this shouldn’t be a struggle it you are the master. To me this is not such an easy feat in my house. The things I expect from my dog very similar to what I expect from the teenager in the house and I can’t get any respect from her either. Just because he is my baby dosen’t mean I can’t show who is boss right?

Pampering, spoiling the brats. Doing all the wrong things. I am not the best enforcer of rules. I am a good leader.  I believe I set a positive example. We want them to be good additions to the family unit, make good choices . We don’t want them to hate us. So we feed and spoil them. To please ourselves. The things I do wrong with my own life and with Lev’s, I see and am aware of. I know exactly when and where I go wrong. I don’t need a trainer.


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