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Lev my Love

Mayo Birthdays


Lev my love, had his second birthday on Cinco de Mayo. It landed on a Saturday, complete with a very close and full moon. (Remember?) That gave me plenty of reason to throw a fiesta. So that is what I did. I invited a few friends. I made a rockin bean dip and dressed up a store bought guac.  We had a bonfire, cervezas, margaritas, and a pinata with candy plus dog treats in the mix. ( No! Those are not tootsie rolls!) I had about 20 people show up and Lev was on his best behavior until Kelly showed up in a huge sombrero, poncho, and real creepy stick-on mustache.

Dan and his son brought Meat in the middle dog treats for Lev and some beer from Oregon for me. And I said “Hey we are doing imported from Mexico tonight!” But that was the best part. My friend Mike said during the preparations for the party, “You know, I don’t think this party is for him, its for you.” I said ” Hey parents throw Christmas for their young children all the time!”

All in all he got lots of love and attention. He is my baby and its also my birthday month too. But I am not throwing myself a party. I do have a little vacation time coming up and I do believe Lev has a neuter coming in our near future. I’ll keep you posted.


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