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Lev my Love

Unruly youth

I like this life, I like to choose. Who would I be not to have went for it with my old high school romance? Realistic optimist I suppose. It took but one weekend and a gallon of vodka for me to realize it was not the raging alcoholic soon to be ex-wife that was the problem. No it was him and that is  done and over with. I will not be part of an affair. I will not be part of a marriage. It was a nice fantasy for a minute and I’m glad we tried it out. Theres alway gonna be the pyscho baby mama that I  get to take a back seat to. Guess I’m not ready. I know I am not. I never said I would stay to the end. I won 50 bucks on the Super Bowl. And didn’t get too wasted. So I am in good shape.

Still reeling from the aftermath of Lev’s attack. He bloodied someones face while I was in the store. My friend was holding his leash and didn’t know enough to let someone approach. He has never done anything like that before and I’m really not sure how it all transpired I just walked outside after I paid for my beer and it looked like a crime scene. I was traumatized way more than the dog or the victim. I ran Lev home,as my first thought was to get him out of the situation. I went back and the man was very nice and said “I guess you owe me a beer” I said, “Keep it, its yours”. Left my entire 30 pack. Went home and had a full on panic attack. Since then I have been very leery to take him anywhere. Bought a training choke collar with prongs. We have not used it yet. This is not how I imagined it to be.

I’m reading a book on how to talk to your teenager and I realize its a different language just like your pet. Lev can’t know what I’m saying. My hopes and dreams for him, for us. I just have to show him. Both of them so unruly. Is it a phase? Whatever it is, I have to be a good strong example and I’m up for the challenge. The youth. Almost 2 years old for Lev and barely 13 for Lizzie. Just like I can’t get Lev’s nuts snipped and expect a better dog. I can’t get  Lizzie a choke collar  and expect a straight A student.


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