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Lev my Love

Sweet dreams, Lev.

I know I am not the only person that sleeps with a dog on their bed. I’ve slept with enough people to know that some people sleep with a dog on their bed. He farts, he snores, he takes up the favored spot with the best pillow. I have never tried a dog bed with him, but when I do, I think I will put it on the bed first and eventually move it to the floor.
The very first night I brought him over, there was a bit of a battle, in the end he won. Because he has overtaken my bed for a year and a half now. The standard was set that first night I’m sure. He thought I was playing a game what with getting on and off the bed, wild gestures, and shouting. He mimicked me until I caved and let him sleep at the foot of my bed. Maybe if I had slept on the floor that first night he would have conjured that that was normal and where he would remain.
With the deed done. We are a happy twosome. I am comfortable, he is comfortable. We both like to sleep in. He keeps my schedule and we both start yawning around 9p.m. We start out at seperarte sides of the bed then end up in each others arms in the morning. We race to bed at night for prime position. Last night he beat me to it, but I pulled a fast one on him and yanked the warm pillow out from under him to take for myself and gave him the cold one. Ha Ha.
Theres a top cover to my bed that is supposed to dog proof my actual sheets but you know I find muddy dog prints on my sheets and have to wash them as much as I do that dog cover.
My queen bed gets feeling real small as this is a dog that is more than half my weight! I can only scoot him out of the way so far on his draw sheet. King size beds were not around when this old 1921 house was built so that is out of the question. Getting a bigger bed.


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