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Lev my Love

Can I ground my Dog?

The cough turned out to be nothing. With no medical diagnosis. Nor treatment. He got over it in less than a week.That blunt Boxer schnoz puts them at a pre-disposition for breathing and airway problems. I often read up on material about how to take care of dogs and this specific breed. But the knowledge is gut. I feel like I would know if something was wrong and he was in real distress. My dog’s cough turned out to be nothing I worried about for long.

So early this morning, I returned home from an all-night rendezvous, the room mates were gone. And so was my dog. Here again I immediately decide not to freak out with worry. I got the coffee out of my bladder, got on the horn with my room mates and neighbors, got snow boots on because it’s snowing out and Lev hates snow just like his momma. Surely he can’t be far. I grab the leash and set out on foot with Animal Services saved in my phone. In my small fenced downtown yard, theres is a gate in front and back. The back was the one that was open. Shit! I’m the only one that parks back there.

I start my search out front with both gates open so maybe he can come in if he so desires. Out front across the street is where Lev’s brother and his family live. His name is Guts. From the same litter, those boys are unruly and mischievous teenagers together. Not unlike the unruly actual teenagers in each dog’s household. Lev finds a way how to flip-up latches, stretch a bungee, un-wrap chains. Hate to say it’s not so uncommon for him to get out and try to play with his brother. The dog brothers play every day with or without permission.

One morning a few months back the girls and I in my house were bringing Guts over to play with Lev in our yard. A common occurrence, mine is the bigger dog proof yard, with room to play and ….”No Dig!!!”, wreak all kinds of havoc. Traumatic event short: Guts was hit by a car (or in my mind Guts hit a car) and ran straight away. It was a life alternating event that turned out happy. Thankfully. We are much closer neighbors after it and are extra careful with the street and unauthorized play dates now.

I peeked inside the window and just Guts and yappy Princess were over there. No humans, no Lev. Made my way around the block with my frozen lip whistle. A few shrugs and some incoming words of assurance texts but no sightings. Look back at my place. Make a big front gate opening noise and a front door opening noise, kept frozen whistling. I started up the street the opposite direction. Placed the call to Animal Control that ended with “Lev!  Thanks nevermind!”

So that was that. And he is snoring now wrapped in a blanket on the couch. He was so happy to see me. He was chasing cats or birds running with a huge smile. No way I could be mad at him. I’m not a huge disciplinarian. How do I get mad. If one of us leaves the gate not doubly latched he will get out. I am very fortunate to have such awesome friends, room mates, and family around me on my street. But the interchangeable foot traffic is constant. And sometimes I think that Lev thinks their house is part of his territory too like an extension and he wants to guard that home as well as mine.

The downside of the closeness on my street is the vehicle laden street barrier. A dangerous boundary to cross. Separating the two operating functional family units.



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