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My dog has a cough

My dog has a cough. The first snow hit the Salt Lake valley floor last week and it seems like every one is coughing, sniffling, and gagging around me and not just because I work with an immuno-compromised population.
There has been a few times in the last year that I have had Lev that I thought he may be sick. I worried for a day or two then him and I got over it. My boxer is 18 months old and has had all of his puppy shots. To me he seems unaffected since he plays, eats, sleeps just fine. He doesn’t seem to have labored breathing or digestion troubles at all.
Maybe he caught a cold like everyone else. I don’t deem it necessary for a vet hospital visit.
Maybe its the smoke, I do smoke and Lev hangs around me like that cloud of exhaust my lungs waste. He would always sit in my lap if he could. Maybe its my poor housekeeping habits. You should see the hairballs my dog and I produce.
Maybe, this one is my favorite, Its the room mate I have downstairs that does smoke inside, does have a cat, and brings home animal germs from where she works. I like that idea.
Or it very well could be the new neighbor puppy that was just added to the family next door. Any one or none of these reasons could be why my dog has a cough.


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One thought on “My dog has a cough

  1. Maybe its asthma?

    Posted by urbanamber | November 18, 2011, 2:28 am

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