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Rikki-Tikki-Tavi   #rikkitheabi #caturday Hope your Saturday is nice!

  • It is nice to kick my feet up at the end of the day with little worry.I just checked on him, he is laying on the couch on the porch. Late April 2013. This undemanding dependant I can handle.Lev my Love, my Boxer dog about to turn 3 years of age this weekend on Cinco De Mayo. I can see the puppy growing out of him. I can see understanding and wisdom in his eyes. The knowledge that seasons do change.  He wants to be outside more in this fair weather. He just switched from laying in the sun to laying in the shade. He knows what he is doing and what is expected of him.I had my lawn mower stolen out of the yard. Right underneath the Beware of Dog sign. I was sad for humanity for about two seconds. Then I started bitching. How did someone get past him? Why is it that I go to work for a living and some one else is hard at work stealing my stuff? It took me a couple days to notice it was gone. I went camping last weekend and someone knew it.I decided I need to stop taking him everywhere I go. But he loves car rides so much. He would rather be panting in a hot car then stuck home alone. Though he doesn't chew up stuff anymore like he used to whether he is left in or out. Soon enough it will be too hot to take him anywhere during the day. Late night drives and early mornings are usually ok in SLC in my old Suburu that does not have air conditioning.He is the dog with the longest residency on my street. He knows what is going on at all times. He knows if he has met you before if you are ok. He just let me know someone walked passed. I got up to look and he was happily licking himself on  the porch throne.I can tell the difference between there is a cat bark and there is  a stranger bark.If you ask me he is the least annoying dog on the street. Yappy Princess across the street barks at anything that moves including me. I'm home a lot during the day when all the humans are at work sometimes I feel like I'm caged up with all the dogs each of us in our respective back yards. We communicate! I don't believe someone got past any of us.It doesn't always please me when he barks when someone walks past. Namely old ladies, babies, and the mailman. But he looks back at me and wags his tail like "Did I do good?" How can I be so discerning and expect him to be. Especially when the riff raff is never too far away.